Friday, August 12, 2011

Go Fish!

I started this site as a one-stop collection of links for elementary teachers. 
As I kept digging, I found an ocean full of blogs, websites, and resources that both inspire and offer wonderful teaching tools. Thus I invite you to visit the pages of the grade you teach --or all pages-- and catch some big fish.
This site is meant to be an open- space for all of us in the daily adventure of teaching young learners, so please, feel welcome to dig in. If you would like to submit your own blog, website, or any other link you consider interesting just "drop me a line."

Don't forget to become a follower so you can be updated with new information/resources as they become available --don't worry I won't sent you any spam or sell your address to any business.
 I welcome your suggestions and contributions to make of this a resourceful place for ALL elementary teachers.

Happy Treasure Hunt!

California Teacher

Disclaimer: I'm not being sponsored by any of the above businesses but I highly recommend the good deals that they usually offer for teachers' wallets.